Clockwork Prince Quotes!

On twitter tonight, Cassandra Clare tweeted a few quotes from Clockwork Prince to distract everyone from all the movie gossip. Read them, and lemme know how much it makes you want to read this book (I know I'm having a hard time waiting)!

Cassie's words are bolded!

Jem from earlier today: "But you are much prettier," Jem said.

Will: "Tess,” he said, and she thought, once again, how no one but him ever called her that. “That is all I think about."

Tessa: “Jem!” she cried again, and when he did not look up, she strode across the room, and wrenched the bow out of his hand. “Jem, stop!"

And lastly: "I would die for you, you know that." - unattributed. Clockwork Prince. There, distracted I hope!

These made me feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside :P Now, be honest: are you Team Jem, or Team Will?!

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  1. Maybe I am partial to the name Will - but he also sounds a bit more romantic!


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