Ravena & The Resurrected - Giveaway!

Hey guys! I'm having another giveaway! :) 

In anticipation of my upcoming interview with Author Tami Jackson, on Friday, February 25th, I'm launching a contest to give away a free electronic copy of her vampire book: Ravena & The Resurrected ($9.99 value)! [View sample chapters of this book at http://tinyurl.com/4zuew8m for free. Get familiar with the book just to see how exciting this contest really is!]


It's simple! The first follower to leave fifteen (15) comments, on fifteen (15) different blog entries will win! *NOTE* Only one comment will be counted per subscriber per each blog post, and previous blog posts (before today) will not count. The race to win begins TODAY!


1. Leave a comment in response to this post and you will receive a point.
2. Each time I publish a new post, leave a comment. Each time you do this, you will receive a point! 
3. The first person to leave fifteen (15) comments and reach 15 points between now and February 25th (Tami's visit!) will win the book!!
4. If more than one person leaves 15 comments on the same winning day, the first comment to appear on that day will be the winner.
5. I will announce the winner's name to coincide with the author's visit on February 25th.
6. The winner will need to leave an email address where they can be contacted by Tami so that she can send you the 100% off coupon. You will be able to use this to download the eBook in whatever electronic format you choose!

GOOD LUCK EVERYONE! (Did you hear that? The starting gun has been fired!!)


  1. How lucky is this! I am the very first person to make a post. Yay for this contest. Yay for the book. 1/15 points (and counting!)

  2. I don't know how to comment on you Neil Gaiman/Living Dead Girl post so I'll do it here if that's okay. I blogged about it at this link http://kaydotsidot.blogspot.com/2011/01/contest-neil-gaiman-pack-and-living.html

  3. 3rd person to comment. We need to make 15 comments on here?

  4. nope, you can pick any of my posts and comment on them! :P

  5. I like this one ... so think I'll just keep commenting here. LOL.


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