A Great Tool for Book Bloggers!

A few days ago I came across a website called BookMooch ( www.bookmooch.com ), and I wanted to spread the word because I think it's a great tool for book bloggers, and also for people who love to read and find their budget isn't being very accommodating. The basis of BookMooch is this: you make a profile and list books you are willing to send to people - by doing this, you get 'points'. You can then perform a search and find books that you want and request them. The owners of these books then send the books to you (free of charge!) and you get to keep them, while also sending out your books when people request them. It's that simple! 

I think it's great, and if you think about it, the cost of shipping a book is way less than buying the book you want brand new anyway. Add to that the fact that there's no money involved (I always get nervous when shopping online - there are so many stories of identity theft out there!) and that you don't have to pay to use the website, and you have a recipe for happy reading.

Check it out, and let me know if you've used the site before! 

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  1. Anonymous6/02/2011

    Sounds like a great idea. Thanks for letting us know =)
    -Mocha from A Cupcake and A Latte.

  2. Ive heard about bookmooch, but I like www.paperbackswap.com! Ive been a member of
    PBS ( paperbackswap ) for over 2 years, and love it! My tbr ( to be read ) stack has never..been higher.


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