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Hello, and welcome to my first Follow Friday in a while!

Also, happy Canada Day to all my fellow Canadian bloggers! Enjoy those barbecues and take advantage of those sales! ;)

If you are new to the #FF fun, Feature & Follow Friday is a blog hop that expands your blog following by a joint effort between bloggers. First you leave your name here, then you create a post on your own blog that links back here and then you visit as many blogs as you can and tell them hi in their comments (on the post that has the #FF image). You follow them, they follow you. Win. Win. Just make sure to follow back if someone follows you!

Now for this week's question: 

Your favourite book or movie character walks into the room. Who is it and what is your reaction?

My Answer: My favourite movie / book characters of all time are Rupert Grint, Emma Watson, and Daniel Radcliffe, and if they were in the same room as me...

I'd probably be like this at first:

And then probably like this:


And then finally, this:

So as you can see, I would be very, very excited :P Not gunna lie, I'd probably turn into a screaming fan-girl within ten seconds of realizing they were there.

 Anyways, follow me (and leave me your link) and I will definitely follow back! Have a good weekend everyone!


  1. Good choice! Love the pictures.

    Thanks for visiting stuckinbooks.com #FF

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  2. Ahaha, I love those pictures!
    My FF

  3. Old follower returning the visit! This is weird, but I absolutely cracked up over seeing that rainbow-drooling graphic. :-)

  4. Thanks for stopping by @ BookthatThing. I'm following you now too. Happy FF!

  5. I have yet to read an HP book, so I haven't seen a movie, but I know who you're talking about. LOVE the pictures!! :o)

    Thanks for stopping by!
    Mickey @ imabookshark

  6. Thanks for visiting and following. I am a follower here! Happy Friday! Donna

  7. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Returning the favor! Love the pictures in yoru post.

  8. Great answer! I love Harry Potter and the cast is awesome :) I love the pictures, they made me laugh.

    Also thanks for dropping by my blog and for following :) I'm now following you back!


  9. Anonymous7/01/2011

    LOL! Amazing post, love the reactions!

    Thanks for stopping by at my blog! Have a great holiday!

  10. thanks for showing my blog some follow friday love!

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  11. I loved your pictures. I'm a new follower.


  12. You may be on to something. If I had three such wonderful celebs walk into my room, I'd probably have terrible case of nerves too! Love the very colorful images... Perfect for a Friday! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  13. Awesome picks and great graphics. Following you back ;)

  14. Hopping through via Parajunkee. I'm having a giveaway on my blog this weekend, so please stop by!

    Holjo @ Pedantic Phooka

  15. Awesome answer! It would be really neat to meet the HP crew!

    Thanks for hopping by! I'm an old follower here!

  16. Thank you for the follow and leaving a comment on my FF. I have followed also. I hope we get to have some great discussions over books in the near future!

  17. Your answer was so great! Thanks for visiting, I'm following you back. Have a great weekend!

  18. Had been seeing a lot of Harry Potters around. Your picture made me laugh!

    Thanks for stopping by. Have a nice weekend!


  19. Hello,

    Thank you for stopping by my blog and following me. I'm following you back. Have a great weekend!

    Bookgirl @ My Book Addiction

  20. oooh would love to meet them - there would definitely be a lot of screaming and jumping involved, i'd probably faint too!
    thanks for hopping by my blog. have a great weekend. :D

  21. Thanks for stopping by my blog, following you now too! You are definitely not alone in picking Harry Potter characters! You made me laugh with your pictures, especially the last one puking a rainbow. Too funny!

  22. Love the HP picks and those images are hilarious! Thanks for stopping by my blog! New follower. ^_^

    ~Shalena @ Writer Quirk

  23. Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog- I'm returning your visit/follow. I love the Harry Potter actors as well... Very cute reaction pics!!

  24. Thanks for visiting my blog - I'm returning the follow :)

  25. Hi. Old follower here. I just wanted to stop by and thank you for the visit now that I have internet access again. I got a nice laugh out of your picture progression. :D Have a great week!


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