Waking the Witch

Author: Kelley Armstrong
Pages: 336
Publisher: Random House
Format: Paperback
My Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Summary (from Goodreads)The orphaned daughter of a sorcerer and a half-demon, Savannah is a terrifyingly powerful young witch who has never been able to resist the chance to throw her magical weight around. But at 21 she knows she needs to grow up and prove to her guardians, Paige and Lucas, that she can be a responsible member of their supernatural detective agency. So she jumps at the chance to fly solo, investigating the mysterious deaths of three young women in a nearby factory town as a favor to one of the agency's associates. At first glance, the murders look garden-variety human, but on closer inspection signs point to otherworldly stakes. 

Soon Savannah is in over her head. She's run off the road and nearly killed, haunted by a mystery stalker, and freaked out when the brother of one of the dead women is murdered when he tries to investigate the crime. To complicate things, something weird is happening to her powers. Pitted against shamans, demons, a voodoo-inflected cult and garden-variety goons, Savannah has to fight to ensure her first case isn't her last. And she also has to ask for help - perhaps the hardest lesson she's ever had to learn.

My Summary: Savannah - daughter of a dark witch and a powerful sorcerer - is 21 now, and eager to prove herself to her guardians Lucas and Paige. So when she gets a call about murders is a small, run-down town and is asked to join the investigation, she jumps at the chance.

But things are not what they seem, and what starts off as a simple double-homicide investigation turns into a fight to stay alive as Savannah is hunted by the mysterious killer and a few rogue supernaturals. 

My Thoughts: Yet another awesome read by Kelley Armstrong! I loved Waking the Witch

This was the first novel readers got to meet Savannah. In other novels, we hear about her, but we never really get to see the world through her eyes. And lemme just say, Savannah Levine is a badass, and I loved seeing the world through her point of view.

The writing was - as usual - flawless. Armstrong is like the Yoda of all things paranormal, and her writing keeps you hooked until the very last page.

And for those looking for a little romance with their paranormal: there's a hint of something developing between Adam and Savannah, and you just know it's going to be hot when they finally get together! ;)

Final Thoughts: I recommend this book to anyone who's ever read and loved anything of Kelley Armstrong's, and to adults looking for some paranormal that doesn't involve teens. Check out the other novels in her Women of the Otherworld series as well!

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