Welcome to Follow Friday everyone! Since you all know the rules by now I won't bother posting them, but I will answer the question:

What do you do when you're not reading?

Sorry, I have a problem when it comes to grammar :P Anyways, when I'm not reading, I'm usually either writing, swimming, or doing homework. I usually don't have a lot of free time, but I try to read as much as possible when I can, so there's not much time to do anything else :) 


  1. Hi there! I noticed that you just read This Lullaby. I love that book. I think it might have been the first book of Sarah Dessen's that I read. I really enjoy her books.

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  2. I agree! I, too, read as much as I can. New follower stopping by via FF. Happy Friday!

  3. Hi

    I'm a new follower. I love writing too. I spend a lot of time with a pen and a notepad.

    Char @ From the Shadows I Review

  4. LOL I had the same issue with the question.

    New follower, friend!

    Nikki @ Books Most Wanted

  5. Just passing through for FF.

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  6. What kinds of stuff do you write?

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  7. Hopping through. So cool that you swim. I run a lot, but haven't gotten into swimming.
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  8. I spend a lot of time writing too :) And I know all too well how homework can take up most of your time lol.

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  9. Ah...swimming hope to do some tomorrow! New Follower!

  10. I'm so boring. I don't do much when I'm not reading because I have to struggle to fit the reading in.

    I work and I blog. That's it.

    New follower :)


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