Falling in Love with English Boys

Author: Melissa Jensen
Pages: 293
Publisher: Speak
Format: Paperback
My Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Summary (from Goodreads)Sixteen-year-old Catherine Vernon has been stranded in London for the summer-no friends, no ex-boyfriend Adam the Scum (good riddance!), and absolutely nothing to do but blog about her misery to her friends back home. Desperate for something-anything-to do in London while her (s)mother's off researching boring historical things, Cat starts reading the 1815 diary of Katherine Percival her mom gives her-and finds the similarities between their lives to be oddly close. But where Katherine has the whirls of the society, the parties and the gossip over who is engaged to who, Cat's only got some really excellent English chocolate. Then she meets William Percival - the uber-hot descendant of Katherine - and things start looking up . . .
My Summary: Cat's mom is an expert on all things old and antique, and when she gets called to London to work at the British Museum for a few weeks, she decides to take Cat with her - something Cat is definitely not looking forward to. Why? Because while her mother is busy working, Cat will have nothing to do but sit around in their rented apartment and watch cricket games... or so she thinks. Because Cat's mom has a surprise for her: she's arranged for Will - a gorgeous descendant of the girl who's diary Cat happens to be reading - to be her tour-guide.

Meanwhile, 200 years in the past, Katherine Percival is getting ready to start her Season and find a husband. But she doesn't want to marry someone who only wants her money; the gorgeous Thomas Baker seems to be the answer to all her prayers. But can she escape the arranged marriage her father is planning for her, or is she destined to live without love?

My Thoughts: When I read the premise for this book, all I could think was, "A vacation in London? Hot English boys? AND an old diary?! Count me in!"

First off: the writing is incredibly easy to get into. Cat's voice seemed incredibly genuine, and the plot was never boring or slow. Also, the way that the plots of both stories wove together was awesome - I especially loved Katherine and her mother standing up to Katherine's uppity  father. And I absolutely adored the ending.

Second, I loved how the author developed the characters, especially Cat's mom and Nicholas. At first they were just secondary characters, but as the novel goes on you begin to like them more and more.

Lastly, the blog/diary format was great and really easy to follow.

Final Thoughts: I definitely recommend this book to anyone who enjoys reading about travel. It's a great, fast read, and great if you like historical fiction.  

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