Is it just me, or...?

Like the rest of us, my collection of books seems to multiply every time I turn around. And I don't mind that. Seriously. But being the unemployed-student-living-at-home has it's drawbacks, the first of which being that I only have 2 bookshelves that are already overflowing with books. But what's a book-lover to do? The obvious, right? "Sell the books you don't want! You'll make some money and clean out some of the clutter from your shelves! It's the best thing to do!!!"


My friends, selling your books online may seem like a good idea at first. And it would be, too - were it not for the ENORMOUS (and quite frankly, ridiculous) cost of shipping them (even within your own state/province/city!). Why? Because I live in Canada, where there is no such thing as 'Media Mail' and the average cost of shipping a book from London, Ontario to Toronto, Ontario (2 hours away) is a whopping $10... for a paperback. A PAPERBACK. I kid you not. The other day I went to go ship a hardcover book to someone who had purchased it from me on amazon.ca and it cost me $12 - which is DOUBLE what amazon credits you for shipping (a measly $6) and more than what I sold the book for (my asking price was $7). So what's a girl to do?

I'd love some suggestions! I'm a bit of a newbie when it comes to using the postal services, so I'd really appreciate some advice from you guys! If I can figure this thing out, I'll definitely start having more giveaways (which I really want to do! I'd be happy knowing my books are safe with you guys!). Thanks guys! :)


  1. I usually just donate the books I don't want to a charity shop - I've found that I don't make much by selling them, so it's not typically worth the effort.

  2. Ahh, that really stinks. I usually donate to a charity or even just the library. There are a few resale shops where I live, but sometimes I feel so jipped when I sell to them. I'd rather know that my books are going to be put to good use, like at that charity or library. Perhaps it might be cheaper to ship multiple books at once? Like sell book packages?

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  4. I've only bought books online, not sold--but have you tried ebay or half.com?--and maybe try and include the cost of shipping in your asking price?--you could also make a note of shipping cost wherever you post it, so any prospective buyers would understand why it looks expensive?

    for me, I moved about a year ago, and to save the hassle of moving ALL my books (and overflowing shelves), I took my "expendables" to a used bookstore that paid cash (or credit) for my books. I had already set aside some money to buy an ereader, and took the money I got from selling my books and put it towards restocking my Nookshelves. And I donated any books that they wouldn't take. It was definitely the way to go for me, but I know I've heard that outside of the U.S. it can be difficult to buy ebooks...

    oh, and I've also heard of a couple of sites--paperback swap, and goodreads, where people swap books with each other, so those might be something to look into?


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