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Happy Friday, everyone (finally)! 

What do you do with your books after you've finished reading them?

This is gunna sound horrible, but I have pretty much hoarded every book I ever had. I have them all, and believe me when I say they're not going anywhere, ever. Usually when I finish reading them, though, I'll take them to my cousin (who is just as OCD as I am when it comes to books) so she can read them and give me her opinion on them. After she's read them, they either go one of two places: on a shelf, where they'll be on display for a while (usually my favourites go on the shelves) while the others go on a different shelf or into one of the boxes I have for my books (think one of those old trunks people used to put clothes in). 

Wow, I just read over what I typed and realized I sound a little obsessed. Oh well! What above you guys?

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  1. Awesome Answer, I am just like you. I like the term book hoarder. lol and I don't think you are obsessed at all. =]
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  3. I'm exactly the same I'm really starting to run out of room it's getting out of hand, here's mine

  4. No worries...I'm just as book obsessed as you are. Lol.

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    Book Bound

  5. I keep my favorites but I just don't have the room to keep everything. Awesome that you do!

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  6. Hoarding isn't bad! I keep a lot of books, but I give some away too. So I guess I'm not a total hoarder. LOL

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  7. Yeah another book hoarder! I do swap books I didn't like, but if I liked it, it is in my basement. I still have all my favorite picture books and childhood chapter books! Old follower.


  8. Anonymous12/16/2011

    Sometimes it's hard to let a book go, I usually keep the ones I really liked.


  9. You sound like my friend Krista at The Cubicle Blindness...lol...


  10. Haha, dont think you're so crazy now! I hoard allll of my books too! I think I might need to get a trunk like yours soon, lol.

    Love your blog, btw. New follow from FF!

    Amanda :)

  11. Sounds like you should apply for the hoarder show. ;) Actually I take that back. You should build a fort and really live IN your books.

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  12. Anonymous12/16/2011

    HI! Nice answer! Here's mine-
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  13. I keep most of my books because I like every single of them! Hehe. Thank you for the great answer! Nice blog! ^_^

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  14. Well, the first step is admitting you have a problem! :) I'm also a book hoarder. I love to keep all of my books!

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  15. howdy, Old Follower. Sounds like you and your cousin should share a blog. I have seen some that are quite entertaining. One of my friends borrows my books but doesn't want to review them. I keep hoping since she is more analytical than I. Fangs, Wands and Fairy Dust

  16. Ha! I sometimes get like that, too. But if there is a book I really didn't like, then I'll send it off to the charity shop or something. But my favorites never leave my sight! :)

  17. I always keep the books I buy :) LoL probably because I can hardly afford to buy books, so when I do I make sure its one I love.

    That and I also go to the library too much for my own good LOL

    Love the blog and am now a follower :)

  18. Oh my! You actually HOARD books?! *gasp* So do I. It's sad isn't it? But we, like, need to do it. Right? My husband picks on me. I can't get rid of any of my books. I have to FORCE myself to try to get rid of some books to trade them at a used bookstore. I just got into doing that too long ago, but it takes a lot out of me and a lot to choose some to take.

    So it takes me FOREVER to get a good pile ready.... I even still have all my Wishbone books I used to collect.

  19. I donate mine to the library.. well not now, I have a Kindle.. but I donated all my paper books to the library..

  20. Anonymous12/30/2011

    It depends on how much I love the book, honestly. A lot of them I keep, but some I trade on paperbackswap or other stuff.

    Old follower hopping through! :)

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