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I know I haven't participated in a while, but I'm back and better than ever! ;)

This week's question:

 What are the best and worst books you've read in the past month?

Answer: Hmm.. this one's a toughie. And not because I haven't read some awesome books in the past month - because I totally have - it's just that I haven't read any books that deserve the title of 'worst'. So how about this: I'll give you my absolute favourite book of this year (so far) and my least favourite. Sound good? Yes? No?

Ok, so without a doubt my favourite book this year was The Fault in Our Stars, but Nevermore was a close second. Hands down, shoes off, [some other euphemism that means without a doubt]. TFiOS made me cry so hard that my pillow got all nasty and soggy and I had to throw it in the wash and sleep with only one pillow that night. This was me at 4am after I finished:

This was me writing my review the next morning:

And this is me thinking about it as I write this post:


Ahem... I'll be okay, I swear. MOVING ON.

My least favourite book of the year (so far) was probably Past Perfect, but that's just because it was a little too fluffy for my tastes (none of the angst or intense emotions that lil' ol' me craves in a contemporary lit novel). But there's nothing wrong with that, you know? The writing was awesome and funny and the book was still a fun read - it just wasn't my favourite. 


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  2. I still haven't read TFIOS, if you can believe it. I'm so behind, but I have too many books to read. I'm so glad you - and everyone else! - enjoyed it though. I'm really looking forward to the cry-fest that will ensue when I eventually read it.

    Have a great weekend!
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  3. I loved TFiOS too! I kept putting it off because of how much I knew I was going to cry. But it was so worth it when I did finally read it.

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  4. Anonymous3/16/2012

    I have The Fault in Our Stars waiting for me at home. I cannot wait to read this one. Hopefully on a Friday evening when I am home alone and have a couple days to recoup lol. Great post :-)

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