Things Bibliophiles Do

There are some things we all do that are a little...well, odd. Admit it - us bookies have our own little habits. And now it's time to own up to them. 

You know you're a bibliophile when you...

1. Pre-order a book online and check the mailbox obsessively for the next few days even though you know it hasn't even been released yet.
2. Laugh out loud to funny lines in books.
3. Try to explain what you're laughing about to someone else and fail miserably.
4. Say 'never mind' and return to your book after failing to explain the joke.
5. Go to the mall with a certain amount of money to buy something else and end up having to budget after you buy a book or two.
6. Refuse to walk into a bookstore with non-book-loving friends because you know they just won't get it.
7. Wince when someone cracks the spine of a brand new book.
8. Promptly yell, "WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU?!" when you see the above event occurring. 
9. Check the publication date of a novel because it seems to have the same story-line as Twilight.
10. Look forward to the novel-study portion of your English courses.
11. Write fanfiction *raises hand guiltily*.
12. Sometimes forget that your favourite dreamy male characters are fictional. *sigh*
13. Eavesdrop on conversations people have about your favourite book and shake your head because they just don't get it.
14. Plan your outings based on the proximity to a bookstore. Example: You need groceries but you go to Wal-Mart instead of the grocery store because they have a pretty decent selection of books and you're running low.
15. Refer to your lack of new books to read as 'running low'.
16. Look at the stack of books next to your bed and refuse to start one because you're not 'in the mood' for a particular genre.
17. Watch the mailbox to figure out what time the mail gets delivered so you can check it at the correct time every day.
18. Covertly lean in to smell an old book when nobody's looking.
19. Spend hours rearranging your bookshelf so you can optimize the limited amount of space you have.
20. Say things like, "why don't we just go ahead and turn the guest room into a library?"
21. Start feeling really stressed when you don't get to read for more than a few days.
22. Re-read a certain book or series more than once a year.
23.Start doing things to be more like the main character in one of your favourite books. Example: braiding your hair or taking up archery (if you don't know which character I'm referring to, please ... leave).
24. Spend more time on Goodreads than you do on Facebook.
25. Treat books like precious newborn babies (as you should!).
26. Have made and kept friends because of a mutual interest in books.
27. Arrange your books 2 or 3 rows deep on your bookshelf when you start to run out of room.
28. Start stacking books around your room because there are no more ways your could possibly fit any more books on your shelves.
29. Spend hours trying to decide which copy of a book has the best cover before you place your order.
30. One of the top ten bookmarks on your bookmarks bar is a link to a book-buying website... or Goodreads.

Let me know how many you got, or leave some of your own in a comment below! I'm hoping to update this list soon and turn into '100 Things Bibliophiles Do'. Thanks for reading guys! :)


  1. Anonymous4/11/2012

    Um...how about all of the above?

    Awesome list. I'll try to come up with some!

  2. I have all but number 11.

    My number 17 is 12:30pm.

    18 - I take a big wiff when I walk into a bookstore. Best smell ever!

    LOVE this post!!!

    Doodle @ Doodle's Book Blog

  3. Oh, God! I kept squealing "That's so me!" with every line I read - awesome post!:)

    glass @ I'm a reader, what about you?

  4. Love it! Too many of those comments apply to me.

  5. When you see someone reading a book, obsessively, but secretly, try to figure out the title of the book. Eventually give up and just ask -- because you HAVE to know!

    1. I'm definitely adding that! Thanks Annette! :P

    2. I was gonna say that - great minds think alike.
      I have to know what other people are reading!

  6. This is me!!!!! At Annette, that's ME, too!!!

  7. That's me!!!! At Annette, that's ME, too!!!

  8. Awesome list, Steph! :D Pretty sure all of those describe me. :P haha

    Maybe add one about waiting in line for book signings. :P lol Or stalking authors online through Twitter, Facebook and/or their blogs. Also, you have "write" fanfiction up there, but what about reading it??? ;)

    I'll try and think of some more and let you know. :)

  9. You forgot about smelling a new book too! Please don't tell me I am the only one who does that.
    Pretty much all of these apply to me though. Especially number 28. Book piles are everywhere. D:
    (My number 17 is 2:30 pm. If you're not standing there, he WILL throw the box of books from amazon in the yard to the dogs!)
    Great list. :p

  10. Hopping through new follower. my FF http://jennreneeread.blogspot.com/2012/04/follow-friday-13.html

  11. If you hold your toddler's hand with your life as they try to jerk away and you go down the aisles looking for a particular book.

    It only happened once, but people look really strangely at you. Causes a sort of wave to happen.

    Thanks for stopping by my site! I will follow via linky.

  12. I love this list - my contribution:

    Start giving book suggestions when you're in the bookstore, so much so patrons confuse you for a worker.


  13. Haha, this list had me nodding my head with agreement the whole way through.

  14. I eavesdrop on people in bookshops and sometimes try to suggest books for them to read.

    Have a book in your possession at all times! - seriously I can't be separated from my book.

    Think of book characters as your best friends.

    Believe that one day you WILL receive a letter to Hogwarts!

    Finish a book/series then spend ages stalking the web for more info/extra scenes that you may have missed. Knowing there has to be something more!

    You would rather meet an author than a celebrity.

    Stroke the spines of books as you pass, whether it's at home, in a shop or a library - you just have to feel the book in your hand if just for a second. (I'm not crazy I swear)

  15. I laughed so much, great post :D Don't know how many apply to me (around 99%)-my postman politely knocks at the door to hand me my packages, so I don't have to worry about that :)


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