Flowers in the Attic

Author: V. C. Andrews
Pages: 411

Publisher: Simon and Schuster
Format: Paperback
My Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Summary (from Goodreads)
: Such wonderful children. Such a beautiful mother. Such a lovely house. Such endless terror!

It wasn't that she didn't love her children. She did. But there was a fortune at stake--a fortune that would assure their later happiness if she could keep the children a secret from her dying father.

So she and her mother hid her darlings away in an unused attic.

Just for a little while.

But the brutal days swelled into agonizing years. Now Cathy, Chris, and the twins wait in their cramped and helpless world, stirred by adult dreams, adult desires, served a meager sustenance by an angry, superstitious grandmother who knows that the Devil works in dark and devious ways. Sometimes he sends children to do his work--children who--one by one--must be destroyed....


My Summary: The Dollangangers always seemed like the perfect, ideal family - an extremely handsome father, a strikingly beautiful mother, and four perfect, doll-like children. But all that changes the day that Christopher Dollanganger gets into a car crash, leaving his children fatherless and his wife a widow at the age of 33.

With nowhere to go, the family is forced to beg the mercy of their mother's parents - strict, heartless people -  and wait for the day when their lives will change for the better. Locked in the attic by their cold-hearted grandmother, the four beautiful children grow up within the confines of the dusty old room in which their nightmares become reality.

My Thoughts: First off, I'd like to say a big thank-you to everyone who recommended this novel to me! I definitely wouldn't have found it myself, and it was a really amazing read.

This is not one of those books you read to feel happy and warm and fuzzy inside. There are things in this book that are a little disturbing, and the sexual content was definitely not for the faint-hearted. With that being said: this was an amazing read. I kid you not. I stayed up all night reading because I could not put it down without knowing what happened to Cathy, Chris, Cory, and Carrie. It was actually a little scary how strong my feelings for this book was - I could actually feel myself getting angry with certain characters and frustrated with others. 

The writing was lovely - V. C. Andrews definitely has a way with imagery. I could picture every corner of the attic perfectly. The story progressed very naturally, and although there are a few phrases that date the novel (it was written quite a while ago) they didn't take anything away from the story. 

Final Thoughts: I recommend this book to people who enjoy grittier, edgier contemporary literature (although I do recommend keeping it away from the less mature readers). If you're looking for a deal, I suggest checking out a used bookstore - I guarantee you'll find at least one copy in every store!

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  1. I got to read this! The movie was made in 87 and it is on Netflix if you want to check it out. I didn't know it was a book though.
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