Author: Kelley Armstrong
Pages: 480
Format: Hardcover
My Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Summary (from Goodreads)The exciting, page-turning LAST episode of Kelley Armstrong's acclaimed, bestselling Women of the Otherworld series!
Savannah Levine, a young witch of remarkable power and a dangerous pedigree, staggers away from a bomb blast in New Orleans, glad that she's managed to rescue her half-brother Bryce from the supernatural revolutionaries who'd held him captive. But everyone and everything she holds dear is still at risk. The reveal movement has shaken the Otherworld to its core and the resulting chaos has thinned the boundaries between dimensions, allowing creatures of the deeper realms to break through and wreak havoc on supernaturals but also on innocent humans. 

Although she's been temporarily stripped her of her powers, Savannah knows she has a crucial part to play in this war of survival. In fact the fate of her loved ones--of Adam, the friend she hopes will become a lover; of Paige and Lucas, her guardians; of the werewolf Pack and Jaime Vegas; of a pregnant Hope; of her brothers Sean and Bryce--and of the human world rests on her shoulders. If she can find the way and the will to defend them. 

Only in the final battle will Savannah find out her true capacities, and what lovewill drive her to do. In 13, Kelley Armstrong brings her powerful and unique saga to a deeply satisfying end: thrilling, surprising and harrowing.

As a huge fan of Kelley's works, I knew Thirteen would be exactly what her fans have come to expect: perfection. And I was not disappointed. Since it's a new release I'm going to try and keep it as spoiler-free as possible. And honestly, it's really hard to write a review for a book this great. I loved every minute of it, and I couldn't tear myself away - I was flipping pages well into the night. I was extremely happy with the way things turned out - Kelley stayed true to the characters' personalities, and I'm glad for it. It was a satisfying end to an amazing series - one of my favourite series of all time.

I definitely recommend this entire series to anyone who enjoys paranormal fiction and romance.

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