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Happy Friday everyone! I'm feeling a bit under the weather, but that means I get more time online today so here I am! 

Question: What is the biggest word you've seen used in a book lately?

I honestly can't remember! I do know it was an e-book, because I stared at the word for a few seconds before pressing the dictionary option and reading the definition. I totally forget what book it was, though. Maybe The Girl in the Clockwork Collar?

Anyways, how about you guys?


  1. Steampunk books are an exception I think! Especially when they have tricky gizmos or use some other vocab word that is just relevant to the story but may not be common!

    I can't remember the last time I had to use a dictionary either, I like to think of that as a good thing!

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  2. Oh yes. I do that too. Ebooks make it so much easier to look up definitions because I always forget to look up the definition later with hard copy books.

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  3. I looooove my Kindle so that I don't ever have to bust out an actual dictionary! They make it so easy :) Anyway, I'm your newest follower just hopping on through from Parajunkee's FF

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  4. I agree Steampunk books do more often than not make me want to press on my Kindle to see what it means.

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  9. The dictionary feature is a great aspect of the e-reader, isn't it?? I don't own an e-reader yet though, haha. :p
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  10. Steampunk can tend to have some interesting words, I will agree with that. lol Thanks for stopping by my page.
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