Who Could That Be At This Hour?

Author: Lemony Snicket 
Pages: 258 
Publisher: Egmont 
Format: Hardcover 
My Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Summary (from Goodreads): In a fading town, far from anyone he knew or trusted, a young Lemony Snicket began his apprenticeship in an organization nobody knows about. He started by asking questions that shouldn't have been on his mind. Now he has written an account that should not be published, in four volumes that shouldn't be read. This is the first volume.

My Summary: Thirteen-year-old Lemony Snicket has just graduated from the school where he received his rather unorthodox education. As part of his graduation requirements, Snicket was told to chose a mentor to apprentice for. It is during this apprenticeship that he learns the consequences of asking all the wrong questions.

Dragged to a dilapidated town known as Stain'd by the Sea, Snicket and his mentor are hired to investigate the theft of a mysterious family heirloom. Snicket seems to have solved the mystery within a few hours... but even the most seemingly simple cases can shake the foundations of this tiny town.

My Thoughts: I'm still in a little bit of a state, as I've just finished reading this wonderful novel. But I'll try guys, I'll try.

This book encompassed everything I loved about A Series of Unfortunate Events! All the mystery, the intrigue, the shadows, the deceit, and atmosphere of VFD and the Baudelaires' woeful tale. From the time I was about seven I adored A Series of Unfortunate Events, so you could say this novel has been long-awaited. My expectations were this high [holds up hand to shoulder level] and Snicket (Handler) delivered on all of them! I adored this novel, and I cannot wait to get my hands on the second volume in the series.

I also adored the style of this novel. The amazing black and white and blue illustrations really added another level to the atmosphere, making it feel a lot more eerie and mysterious. I'll miss Brett's amazing illustrations, but Seth's are definitely on the same level.

Final Thoughts: If you loved A Series of Unfortunate Events, you should definitely check out Who Could That Be At This Hour?. If you've never read one of Snicket's books, get yourself to a library/bookstore as fast as your legs can carry you and GET THEM. 

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