Will Sparrow's Road

Author: Karen Cushman 
Pages: 224 
Publisher: Clarion 
Format: Hardcover 
My Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

Summary (from Goodreads): In his thirteenth year, Will Sparrow, liar and thief, becomes a runaway. On the road, he encounters a series of con artists—a pickpocket, a tooth puller, a pig trainer, a conjurer—and learns that others are more adept than he at lying and thieving. Then he reluctantly joins a traveling troupe of "oddities," including a dwarf and a cat-faced girl, holding himself apart from the "monsters" and resolving to be on guard against further deceptions. At last Will is forced to understand that appearances are misleading and that he has been his own worst deceiver.

Disclaimer: I received a copy of this novel from the publisher in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

My Summary: At the age of thirteen, Will Sparrow runs away from 'home' and sets out on his own adventure after his father sells him to an innkeeper for beer. Although he isn't the brightest or the quickest, Will is determined to make a better life for himself by doing what he can. Along the way he meets people who do what he aspires to: steal, cheat, and lie to keep themselves alive - and realizes that he isn't the thief he thought he was.

My Thoughts: I'm a huge fan of historical novels, especially when there's an adventure involved. And Will Sparrow's Road had all the elements that make up a great read. I loved the character growth and realization by Will that perhaps he isn't cut out for a life of crime in the real world. Poor Will had a hard life, but when he runs away he discovers that he hasn't had the worst of it. He learns to care about more than just himself, and even manages to make a few friends along the way.  

Final Thoughts: I recommend this novel to anyone looking for a well-written historical MG read.   

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