Author: Aimee Agresti 
Pages: 416 
Publisher: Harcourt 
Format: Hardcover (ARC) 
My Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

Summary (from Goodreads): Haven Terra is still recovering from an internship that brought her literally to the brink of hell when a trip to New Orleans leads to more trouble. There, while taking part in a student volunteer program, Haven and her friends Dante and Lance run across an enclave of devils known as the Krewe. 

 These shape-shifting devils are more reckless and vicious than any Haven, Lance, and Dante have encountered. Yet the friends soon discover that their French Quarter housemates are also angels in training, and together they must face off with the Krewe in their quest for wings. 

 But Haven’s resolve is tested when Lucian, the repentant devil with whom she was infatuated, resurfaces and asks her for help escaping the underworld. Can he be trusted? Or will aiding him cost Haven her angel wings—and her life?

Disclaimer: I received a copy of this novel from the publisher in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

My Summary: After barely escaping with her life, Haven is ready for a vacation. Really ready. And so are her friends. But when their volunteer trip to New Orleans turns out differently than what they were expecting, Haven and the rest of her angel-in-training friends find themselves having to work harder than ever to resist temptation and switch over to the dark side. 

My Thoughts: I adored the first novel in the Gilded Wings series, so when I found out I'd be getting the chance to review Infatuate, I was pretty pumped. I ended the last book toting a team Lucian banner, and I was hoping for more Lucian + Haven in this installment.

I kind of missed the character of Aurelia Brown - she was a kick-ass villain! - but luckily Lucian was still present in this installment (can you tell I'm team Lucian?). The author did a great job of capturing the spirit of New Orleans and the jazz age - you could feel it in the atmosphere of the book.

The pacing in this installment was definitely improved in this one - I was flipping pages at a steady speed, never bored or waiting for the story to pick up. I also liked that we got to see more of Haven as a person - she may not be the most memorable character, but she's definitely got some strength and knows how to get herself out of some tough situations. She isn't afraid to make her own decisions and stand up for what's right - a trait all main characters need, in my opinion. Dante, as always, was perfection - who doesn't love him? He's awesome. End of story.

The ending was pretty shocking. I need to get my hands on the next installment ASAP!

Final Thoughts: I definitely recommend this novel to fans of Aimee Agresti's first novel  Illuminate and those who enjoy paranormal YA (particularly of the angel and demon variety).

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  1. I loved the first book as well, but haven't picked up a copy of this one yet. I'm glad to hear it lives up to it's predecessor, now I'm all the more excited! Thanks for the great review!

    Courtney @ Fuzzy.Coffee.Books


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