Author: Elfgren & Strandberg 
Pages: 634 
Publisher: Hammer 
Format: Paperback 
My Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Summary (from Goodreads): The Chosen Ones are about to start their second year in senior high school. All summer they have been waiting for the demon's next move. But the threat comes from another direction, somewhere they could never have foreseen. 

It becomes more and more obvious that something is very wrong in Engelsfors. The past is woven together with the present. The living meet the dead. The Chosen Ones are tied even closer together and are once again reminded that magic cannot make you happy or mend broken hearts...

My Summary: With their numbers greatly reduced, the Chosen Ones have nothing left to do but close ranks. They pull closer together, trying to figure out what they could possibly do to protect themselves.

But threats are coming from every direction - from both the world of the witches and the ordinary citizens of their small town. A trial is called to punish Anna-Karin, and the Chosen Ones have no choice but to tell the truth about what happened despite wanting to protect their friend. And as a mysterious new organization begins to take over the town, the girls have no idea who they have left to turn to... except each other.

My Thoughts: Even though it was a little slow to start, I enjoyed this novel immensely. The mysterious edge added to an already suspenseful and tense atmosphere that wouldn't let you put the book down. I really enjoyed watching the growth of the characters throughout this installment of the trilogy - especially that of Ida and Minoo. I really enjoyed watching the girls' powers grow and their friendships with each other strengthen and solidify. 

The pacing of the novel was well done, and the plot flowed smoothly. I really liked that although there were a lot of paranormal elements, the more serious "human" elements of the girls'  lives were not overlooked (problems with parents, school pressures, etc) - it really added depth to the story and helped you see the characters as real, flawed people who could not always be expected to act like heroes. I also really liked the way the authors captured the helpless feeling some of the characters experienced, showing that having magical abilities wasn't enough to fix everything in their lives. I definitely felt for Linnéa - her situation felt impossible to navigate and her resilience made her one of my favourites. 

Final Thoughts: I recommend this novel to fans of urban fantasy and edgier paranormal YA.

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