Follow Friday!

Man, it has been ages. I miss getting involved with all the Friday hops!

Question: Have you ever been to BEA, and what was your favourite experience?

I sadly have never been. Going to BEA is one of the top 20 on my bucket list, and I WILL do it at least once in the next five years (fingers crossed, of course). If you've been to BEA, let me know  how it was! I'd love to hear stories and tips for getting the most out of it.

I prefer GFC follows, but I will follow back through all platforms if you follow me through multiple and let me know which ones you'd like me to follow you through. Have a good weekend, everyone! :)


  1. Do check out My FF: http://bookstopcorner.blogspot.in/2015/03/feature-follow-6-lets-talk-about-our.html
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  2. I haven’t been to BEA either. This week’s FF Friday question is a little boring. :)

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  3. Hi! My name is Priyanka and this is my first Feature & Follow!
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  4. I haven't been to BEA. It's way too expensive.
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  5. Yeah, BEA is on my bucket list, but I don't actually see it happening anytime soon, lol. I did get to go to a mass book signing once, and that was so incredible just by itself, I can't even imagine what BEA would be like!!

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  6. I'd like to go too sometime. I hope it's not ridiculously crowded and overwhelming though. I go to smaller conventions in my area.

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  7. I am totally new to this and just wanted to say howdy! I signed up via email and look forward to chatting!!


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